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BANT and DET registered Nutritional Therapist

CVR-nr.: 40942173


Employee Wellbeing Workshops

Efia's Kitchen is pleased to offer a variety of workshop packages for employers.

Research shows that lifestyle changes can increase physical and mental wellbeing, reduce work stress and improve productivity and life/job satisfaction.

Contact me today to discuss a package tailored to your company's needs. 

Previous Workshops:

Eating well at work - reduce stress, brain fog and fatigue.

Finding your healthy - define sustainable health and well-being goals, learn how to use nutrition to reach these goals. 


"I found the session really interesting. I think you had the perfect balance of content. I only wish we had more time to learn even more from you."


"Now that I have a better understanding of what happens in the body as it tries to digest food, I will definitely be more mindful of trying to slow down and make sure I am more relaxed when I eat during a working day. I also thought it was brilliant that you created a sheet that we can refer to when looking for healthier food options local to the office – this is super helpful.

Overall a very thought-provoking and informative session."

"It was such a great session, I love how smug we all were coming into the office today with our healthy breakfast choices!"