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Soothing period pain smoothie

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Severe period pain is sadly common. It may be caused by conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)[1], endometriosis [2], hormone imbalances or fibroids [1]. It can be exacerbated by nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, stress and blood sugar dysregulation [1].

Unfortunately, period pain is considered ‘normal’ by many. In fact, this is one reason why it can take so long for conditions such as endometriosis to be diagnosed [3]. If you experience severe pain before, during or after your period, don’t just shrug it off as inevitable.

Period pain should not be the status quo!

Working with a good nutritional therapist may help you get to the root cause of your pain, so that you can support your body in the best way possible whenever it’s your time of the month.

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In the meantime, sip on this soothing smoothie, curl up in bed with a hot water bottle [1] and watch a cosy movie ;)

Make sure to read until the end to learn why this smoothie helps.


1 banana

1/2tbsp (raw) cacao powder

1tbsp hemp protein powder

¼ cup frozen mixed berries

¾ cup non-dairy milk (oat, cashew, pea or hemp)


Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth. Serve cold and remember to chew as you sip to help with digestion.

Why this works:

Raw cacao and hemp are sources of magnesium, a mineral that helps relax smooth muscle tissue [1]. Research has found magnesium to reduce menstrual cramping in certain people [1].

Bananas are a good source of potassium. Menstrual symptoms tend to be worse in or after situations which are known to deplete potassium, and one study even found potassium supplementation to reduce symptoms of PMS [4].

The cacao and hemp in this smoothie provide sources of protein and fats, which reduce the likelihood of this smoothie spiking your blood sugar. Well regulated blood sugar is important in regulating hormone balance and reducing inflammation, both of which can be helpful when it comes to period pain [1].

Hemp also contains omega-3, an essential fatty acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Indeed, omega-3 supplements have been used to reduce symptoms of painful periods [5, 6].

The frozen berries make this smoothie colder, which make it more soothing. They are also full of vitamins and antioxidants, which helps the body regulate inflammation.

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